IPhone 8 Launch Delayed? Report Says It'll Be November

Gesendet August 12, 2017

The alleged iPhone 7s Plus is seen with the same horizontally aligned camera set up, a glass body and a home button where as the iPhone 8 is seen sporting a bezel less screen, no home button and wit several sensors on front. It's unclear whether Samsung Display will be utilizing the larger of these two panels for the iPhone 8 (with cuts), or some new device.

It has often been rumored that the iPhone 8 will ship with a front-facing 3D sensor to replace the Touch ID button, which would bring facial recognition to Apple's next flagship handset. With Apple trading at 16 times its estimated next year's per share profits, profits would need to increase from an estimated $9 or so in 2017 to $12 in 2019, Daryanani calculates. Previous reports in the past have suggested that Apple has not added an under-display TouchID as was initially speculated for the device.

As expected, the headphone jack looks to be gone for good, although Forbes suggests "USB Type-C may feature on the wall plug as part of a wider move to finally adopt fast charging". The hype is so electric that people tend to neglect its launch mates, the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus. Apple Pay, introduced in 2014, allows users with an iPhone 6 or later to complete contactless payments at supported kiosks, while a later update enabled the feature for use inside apps.

The iPhone 8 launch, hampered by unfinished designs and technical difficulties, won't happen till November, according to one report, but others question the reliability of such claims. The iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 8 are certain to get it while doubt still looms on dual cameras on the iPhone 7s.

Apple is reportedly delaying the release of the iPhone 8, with its hardware design allegedly not finalized. The right side is seen with volume and power buttons while the left side is seen with an alert slider.

Rumours are suggesting the iPhone 8's power button could be nearly twice the size of the iPhone 7's, and that may be a direct result of its new functionality.

Rambo also found suggestions in the code of the HomePod firmware that the next iPhone will be able to recognise when you're looking at it and mute notifications. Even though Apple devices are priced bit heavily but it can not refrain users from stretching their hands towards the iPhone and other Apple devices. "It is a crisis but it is also an opportunity".